Why We Do the Work

My readings over this past year-end break and listening to interviews of prominent individuals closing out another year or in some cases their careers — served up reminders that in life, if what you do is important, then it never is just about you.

It is hard to keep that sorted out at times, but there is a reason we do what we do that goes way beyond the day-to-day struggle to accomplish something. Successfully achieving near-term goals is important, but achieving each of those goals is but a part of the journey to having a greater influence and in some way improving the condition of life for someone or group.

Future influence

Stop and think about it. Teachers teach to influence young lives beyond their days in the classroom and, just as with parents, their impact is only completely realized and appreciated after many years. Talented politicians who understand their roles for improving and protecting the lives, conditions and futures of the greatest number of individuals are fully aware that their causes and efforts are not just about them — now.

Even strong managers within poorly led organizations know their greatest contributions are helping those, who work for them, be as successful as they can be, by ensuring they develop to move on to take charge of their own successes.

How it relates to HR

These qualities and characteristics are ingrained in imaginative, resourceful effective HR professionals as well, but sometimes it is necessary to remind them of it — as their lists of day-to-day challenges stack up. The challenges are the reasons they are needed. Their roles in solving those problems are to clear the debris for progress to be made, so that individuals and groups have a chance to succeed and the business can develop into a successful environment for everyone.

Our CEO Danika Davis is a self-proclaimed HR evangelist who supports all these concepts and tirelessly inspires and encourages the HR professionals she encounters to be better at what they do and become more knowledgeable about their professions. We know how critical that is to businesses succeeding — and for people to succeed and improve their own life conditions.

Why we do the work

We help HR people find jobs that are good matches for what they need to succeed. When we do that and they develop and grow and move on to better things, it is very rewarding and we realize why we do what we do.

We help managers find good HR talent to help them successfully run their organizations and contribute to their businesses in ways that positively impact others within their ranks. As we experience being a part of this first hand, or even anecdotally, we are inspired to take on the next opportunity to help someone, and do the work all over again.

It’s difficult to measure

Bringing hope and being a connection for those needing work is difficult to measure, but when we succeed at it and hear the thankfulness it elicits and see the personal growth that evolves — we know why we do our work.

We have been helping businesses and HR professionals fill HR jobs and find HR jobs for nearly three decades. If you need to contract or hire HR staff, need HR consulting, or want to talk about your HR career options and would be open to having a conversation with us, we may be able to help you. Either way we wish you every success.

Best regards,