Who’s Standing on Your Air Hose?

We’ve discovered over the years, that most difficult situations don’t have to be so difficult. But, for effective solutions to bring about progress, leaders and organizations must be clear on what’s wrong, and be ready for action. Determining when you are ready is the tricky part.

To put this another way — in crisis situations (for whatever reason they have reached that level of concern) — there always is a root cause, which may or may not be the problem that you are working to solve. Without clearly identifying and addressing the root cause, all your time will be spent reacting to its symptoms, allowing crisis to continue. Endless, misdirected actions won’t bring you peace. As has been said recently — don’t confuse activity with progress.

We have seen this happen when trying to hire new talent. Example:

  • A company with multiple jobs open, all requiring specific skills and knowledge
  • Several months pass with no interviews let alone hires
  • Action oriented manager trying many options, intervening frequently, trying to be creative, closely managing staffing professionals employed to help — no progress
  • Root cause not discovered

Cut to the chase

Long story short — as it evolved — the assertive manager with pre-conceived notions of what successful candidates’ backgrounds and experiences should be and an unrealistic view of competitive salaries for those skills — was blocking all progress. Like restricting your own air supply while having difficulty breathing.

When the organization realized the blockages, open the flow of talented candidates, put them in front of hiring managers for interviews and consideration, progress was made and jobs began to be filled.

Granted there were more dynamics, details and perceptions involved in the example just cited than described here, and typically there are. But until you step back and look at a situation, or perhaps have an outsider observe and share with you their objective view of the dynamics — which often include built in biases and possibly overly-assertive behavior — the path forward can be very difficult.

More secrets

Beyond that, we know that success in hiring great talent always starts with having a great job to offer them, in an environment that rewards solid contributions and presents opportunities to learn and develop. Great talent always looks for opportunities to learn and competitive compensation.

With these kinds of prerequisites in place, and immediate root causes to problems identified and resolved, the rest becomes easier and the new difficult situation becomes making hard choices between the “best of the best” in talent you have attracted. A good problem to have.

Outside views can be helpful

Companies frequently turn to professional staffing partners to source the “rock stars” they are looking for, which can be a competitive investment that streamlines the process and gets production started sooner, whether replacing a vacated position or bringing on additional team members.

For 28 years we have been helping companies throughout the greater Bay Area get these kinds of results when they have needed HR contract, HR direct hire or HR consulting support. If you are open to a conversation whenever you have needs in these areas, or if you are contemplating a professional career move for yourself — let’s schedule an exploratory call.

HR is all we do.

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