What To Look For In An HR Staffing Agency

Whether you are seeking a job as a human resource professional or wish to hire or contract the services of an HR specialist, you need to align yourself with a dependable HR staffing agency. To make a choice for an agency, you need to review the agency’s methods for selecting employees and review how they follow up.

What You Should Seek as a HR Job Candidates and Employer

For example, an HR staffing agency should provide the following services to both applicants and companies:

  • Define a business’s needs for HR staffing
  • Outline each HR position, according to responsibilities, compensation, and benefits
  • Identify job candidates, using a proprietary search tool online
  • Screen and assess candidates
  • Create, review, and prepare profiles of job candidates
  • Perform any necessary candidate assessments
  • Obtain feedback from clients about their impressions of candidates or services
  • Perform reference checks of potential employees
  • Create and draft detailed job candidate evaluations
  • Recommend final candidates for specific jobs
  • Perform final candidate interviews
  • Brief stakeholders so final approvals can be made
  • Negotiate compensation and benefits with applicants
  • Check on client’s level of satisfaction
  • Provide a client satisfaction form and survey
  • Ask for any additional feedback from the client

When choosing an HR staffing agency, you need to make sure the business is totally dedicated to providing you top-of-the-line services in either finding an HR job or hiring an HR employee. That is why it is important to find out how job candidates are evaluated and what types of follow-up assessments are performed.

Go Where the Jobs Are

It is also important to make sure that an HR staffing agency provides a full range of positions, including the following:

  • Jobs in Benefits
  • Jobs in Compensation
  • Jobs in HR Administration
  • Jobs in Organizational Development
  • Jobs in Recruiting

If you are a company, it also helps to work with a staffing agency that can fulfill your needs for HR consulting. The agency should be a full-service provider, whether you are seeking work or you need HR support. By using an agency that meets specific department needs, such as HR, you will receive specialized services tailored to your requirements as an employee or company.

What Questions You Should Ask

When choosing an HR staffing company, ask the following questions as a company:

  • Does the agency specifically offer what I am seeking in HR resources and talent?
  • What categories of staffing does the company offer?
  • What is the agency’s reputation?

When selecting an HR staffing agency, ask the following questions as a job candidate:

  • Can I apply for my specialization with this agency?
  • What companies does the agency represent?
  • What is the average timeline for getting a job?

Take time to consider what an HR staffing agency can do for you. Use its resources to increase HR opportunities in your business or as an employee for yourself.