Job Seeker FAQs

What kinds of opportunities exist through MeritHR?

Merit provides temporary (contract) assignments, consulting and direct-hire opportunities – exclusively in the HR disciplines.

Is there a cost to me when I get placed on a contract?

No. There are no costs to you associated with accepting an opportunity with Merit.

How often should I update my information with you?

As often as your contact information changes or when you have acquired additional work experience or skills that make you more qualified for the type of position you are seeking.

Does Merit offer benefits to its employees on assignment?

Yes. Once eligible and enrolled, Merit offers medical coverage with an employer contribution, a safe harbor 401(k) plan with employer match, and membership in the Patelco Credit Union. With Merit’s Section 125 plan, your portion of health insurance premiums can be paid through pre-tax deductions.

How do I stay aware of opportunities at Merit?

Check out our job board regularly. And follow our company page on LinkedIn.

Please contact us any time to see how active the market is regarding the types of positions you are seeking. In fact, we encourage frequent communications to help us keep current with your goals and desires.

We will contact you if an opportunity matches your experience, interests, commute area, length of assignment, pay range and skills. As these criteria change, please update your profile so that we can best match you with the types of opportunities you are seeking.

What if I am not sure what kind of HR contract staffing opportunities I want?

To help you decide, we will be glad to review your background with you in relation to the types of opportunities we see from our clients. To be most successful, you should focus in those areas where you have the deepest experience and the most current skills, and concentrate on the areas of work you most enjoy doing.

What are some typical HR assignments and how long do they last?

Assignments vary in level and scope, but may include:

  • Recruiting
  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Training
  • Employee Relations
  • Labor Relations
  • HRIS
  • HR Generalist
  • Policy Development

Assignment length also varies depending on the nature of the work; assignment levels range from high-end administrative to V.P. level. Typically, assignments run about 16 weeks. Some run shorter and many are much longer. We will let you know the anticipated length of an opportunity when we call you to determine your interest in being considered for it. Some assignments are contract-to-hire arrangements.

Can I work on a 1099 basis while on an assignment with Merit?

Merit does not fill staffing assignments on a 1099 basis. If you accept a contract staffing assignment with Merit, we will place you on our payroll, you will be covered by all mandated insurances and we will withhold the appropriate taxes from your pay. You will receive a Form W-2 from us after the end of the year for tax filing purposes. We do have a consulting practice that is different than contract staffing.

I am particular about the kind of opportunities I take on and where I may have to work. Do I get a choice in these matters?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves in the relationships we develop with HR professionals and our clients. Finding the best matches for opportunities is based on open communication about the assignments. You always have the final say in whether or not you want to be considered for any opportunity, just as the client has the final decision in selecting you.

What are the consequences if I decline an opportunity?

You may decline any assignment. We understand each person’s situation is unique and that timing changes many things. For example, a lengthy commute may be unacceptable at one point and acceptable at another time as your personal situation changes. The clearer you are with us about what you will accept, the less frequently you will have to say no to the opportunities we bring to you. This is another reason why it is important to keep your resume and information updated.

Will I know if you submit my resume for an opportunity?

Yes. We will always ask if you want to be considered for an opportunity before we submit your resume to a client. This is another distinguishing characteristic of Merit Resource Group that sets us apart from a number of other firms that provide staffing services. We gain your interest level for consideration and your commitment to honor the length of the engagement if chosen by the client.