Resume Services

Merit HR has been building relationships within the HR Community for over three decades. We have served as a primary resource for thousands of accomplished human resources professionals looking for their ideal job. We value long-term relationships and are committed to the success of the HR professionals that we work with.

Merit HR understands that finding the right opportunity can be challenging. Be it location, culture or experience, finding your dream HR job isn’t easy. We also understand that translating your skillset onto paper isn’t always straightforward. Curating the perfect representation of your experience for a specific role can be time-consuming and often requires a lot of research. Building a resume and cover letter that speak to the values of the company you’re applying with while concisely conveying your skills is a challenge in and of itself. You may have the experience, skills, values, qualifications, certifications or communication style that a company is looking for, but if it doesn’t translate onto paper, none of that matters. Your resume is your first impression. It may be your only chance to get noticed by recruiters and employers. A great resume can be the difference between you and your competition. A good resume can set you apart. A good resume can open doors.

Merit HR wants your resume to represent how great you are. We want you to be successful.

As part of our commitment to our community and our investment in excellence, Merit HR has partnered with O&H Consulting to provide reduced pricing on their resume review, editing and writing services.

About O&H Consulting

Michele oversees all individual support and business consultative functions for the group. Having worked in HR/talent acquisition for well over 20 years, she’s familiar with all the tips and tricks of the trade and uses this knowledge to help both individuals and employers stay competitive in the current talent pool. A fully certified guidance professional since 2009, Michele has successfully coached clients on a global scale. Helping people find a path to their personal and professional goals is her passion. Experienced in all areas of life coaching, Michele specializes in career coaching and professional mentoring.

Morgan is a certified resume writer and seasoned team leader with 15 years of experience hiring and developing top-performing professionals. Her background has prepared her to help candidates get noticed across a range of highly competitive industries. Since 2014, she has crafted more than 5000 high quality resumes and professional branding content, so she knows what gets results. A resident Austin artist, she also serves as the company graphic designer, providing O&H with both the style and substance resumes need to make it to the top of the pile.

Lydia joins O&H Consulting with almost 20 years in writing, editing, and publishing. From teaching freshman composition to coaching established professionals completing their doctoral capstones, she has helped people at all stages of their careers to achieve the next step. On top of writing hundreds of resumes, Lydia is a talented editor and content creator with experience preparing trade, academic, digital, and professional materials for publication in various forms. As O&H’s resident word nerd, she wants everything we produce to pass the highest quality standards.

Benefits of Working with O&H Consulting