A flexible workforce is essential for efficiency and cost control

Today’s environment demands flexibility.  

Merit HR’s Payrolling Services supports small businesses and large organizations by managing full-time or part-time employees hired on an as-needed or short-term basis. 

We act as the Employer of Record for the talent you require on a flexible basis, saving you time and relieving you of independent contractor or employee  liabilities. You know who you want to hire, we hire the talent, and assign them to your organization.  Merit HR maintains the employer responsibilities of employment contracts, time reporting, payroll processing, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance programs, federal payroll taxes and even health and retirement benefits. You manage the day-to-day, we manage the back-office logistics. 

Want to bring back a former employee but not sure how long you’ll need them?  A retiree as a short-term consultant?  Creating a team to respond to a time sensitive situation?  Merit HR can help.

Whether bringing on a single person or an entire team, Merit HR’s Payrolling and Payroll Service is an efficient and cost-effective strategy that provides the flexibility you need as your business plans evolve.