On-Demand Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

Workplace Harassment Prevention training is now required in California, New York and several other States

While workplace harassment training has been the law in California and several other states for a long time, recent changes expand the definition of covered employer significantly.

Employers are required to provide one hour of harassment and bullying prevention training to ALL employees and a more comprehensive two-hour program for Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations find that they are unable to provide this training in-person. Others simply prefer the ease of an online option for scheduling and tracking. We have a compliant and effective solution that allows you to enroll your team members in on demand, online workplace harassment prevention training.


Your employees are your most valuable asset. The well-being and security of your team is vitally important to the success of your business. All of us in organizations are focused on how to best move forward. The truth is, one can’t move forward if moving backward due to compliance issues.  In the most practical sense, responding to issues of harassment and bullying takes time and is difficult, taking focus off of activities that move an organization forward. In a much more meaningful sense, preventing harassing and bullying activities demonstrates an organizational commitment to well-being. Lastly, in order to be engaged and productive, people must first feel safe. Not only must the workplace be free of harassment and bullying behavior for legal reasons, a workplace that condones such behaviors will not attract and retain the best people. Nor will people do their best work. Creating an environment and culture where people feel safe is crucial to a thriving organization.


Merit HR understands the importance of a harassment and bullying-free workplace. We have partnered with Prevent Harassment LLC to help businesses fulfill the requirement and accommodate employees who are unable to attend in-person training or who just prefer the ease of scheduling that an online solution provides.


A safe workplace leads to improved employee morale. The more inclusive and safer your work environment is, the more productive and motivated your staff can be, even when working remotely. Avoiding compliance issues so that you and your team can focus on achieving your mission and serving your customers.

Benefits of this Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

  • Self-paced learning for maximum flexibility
  • Low cost (under $9/person) and high impact
  • Annual subscription includes access all year
  • Free resources such as posters, sample policy, tips for
  • investigations, sample incident report
  • Customization options available– custom web page with logos and organization’s policy
  • Monthly reporting and documentation

Enrolling your firm in the program is easy. Are you ready to check this requirement off your list? 

Visit our partner site here to receive a 10% discount for being a Merit HR client. 

If you think you are experiencing harassment or bullying in the workplace or have witnessed workplace harassment or bullying, please reach out to your HR Department or Leadership Team.

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