Boldly venturing where no one had gone before… a singular focus on HR and People

Since 1989, Merit HR has focused on one thing: Human Resources. We believe in the power of the human connection, and we know that the success of an organization is directly related to the quality of their HR department.

With deep expertise within the San Francisco Bay Area and recent nationwide expansion, we focus on building long-term relationships with talented HR professionals and exceptional organizations. As human resources recruiters focused on finding the right people for HR consulting jobs and HR contract jobs, we know the HR talent market. We know that you learn more from a conversation than you ever would from an algorithm.

We know a few things because we have seen a few things over the past three decades. We’ve witnessed HR evolve from a purely administrative function (which our founders never believed, given that they were human resources professionals themselves) to an internal organization focused on strategy, structure, employee experience, and optimization – through and with people. For us, the realization of a dream – that good HR is a crucial element for success – has materialized.

Great HR is about connection. The human connection. To each other and to our organizations. Through meaningful relationships with customers and keeping awareness of the external environment, great HR designs and supports the ecosystem necessary to drive organizational success.

Good HR is about action. About results. About creating organizations where employees can thrive.

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