A New Day for Merit HR


“Nothing is constant but change,” a quote attributed to Greek philosopher Heraclitus by Plato, has been a guiding principal in my life.

In business, success often marks the end of regarding the wisdom of change as growth. Merit Resource Group was founded before the internet – before LinkedIn. We were successful then because of our deep commitment to knowing PEOPLE, championing the exponential impact of good HR, and valuing relationships. After 31 years, that has not changed. It is our constant. And yet, all success requires change. In the vernacular of our day, we must “reimagine” ourselves. And we have.

We are pleased to announce that Merit Resource Group is changing.
We are now Merit HR.

Why? That’s what our community calls us. And rightly so, it is who we are. We are HR. And we believe in Merit – the quality of being particularly good or worthy. What does our “rebranding” mean to our community? Why clog your inbox with philosophical ideas? Because this reimagining is an expansion of our service offering to the community we have cultivated for so long – people who believe in HR – whether they practice the craft or hire those that do to create thriving, successful organizations.

What are we changing?

  • Our name – Merit HR
  • Our service area – greatly expanded to help more HR professionals and organizations. Times are hard. The bold will prevail. We are expanding contract staffing throughout California and expanding consulting and direct-hire search nationwide.
  • A new website that is easier to navigate and appeals to a wider audience.
    • Care to give us some feedback on the new Merit HR? Visit the new site (www.merithr.com) and use one of the many Contact Us features to provide your thoughts. What could be better? What do you like? How could we better create dialogues on the exponential power of HR?
      • Provide feedback by Saturday, September 12, 2020 to be entered into a drawing for a $500 Visa gift card!
  • Launch of a community-building HR to the Next Power interactive thought leader discussion series. Delivered virtually (for now) and on a broad array of topics. Here’s a preview of the first of many sessions:
    • Oct 21, 2020: Ergonomics @ Home – immediately useful
    • December 16, 2020: Leading Through Change
    • February 17, 2021: Inclusive Leadership – ever-necessary and especially now
    • More to come on how to register for these free, interactive community events soon.
  • Expansion of our consulting services specialties. The first available will be a new specialty in leave management and disability accommodation.
  • Access to more resources such as on-demand sexual harassment training and first-time supervisor training.

Here’s to change. To reimagining. To growth. Any thoughts on our new path are greatly appreciated.

Wishing you every success!

Be well,

Danika Davis | CEO and HR Evangelist

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