Education, Optimism, and Patience

Permit me a couple of personal observations:

Educated people are more optimistic; and good things take time and require patience.

I believe educated people (both formally and informally) are more optimistic because they see the relationships of things; the details that go into anything happening or existing in the first place. They understand the cause and effect, if you will, and therefore the consequences of making or not making decisions.

Because of this, educated people accept that developing the best solutions to problems requires understanding the sources of those problems and realizing that many simultaneous actions may be required to solve them. Challenges in life or business seldom are resolved with simple, quick actions.

So what does this have to do with HR?

HR’s charter is to enable a company’s success through the most effective utilization of its “people” resources. To do that first requires exceptional knowledge (through education) of the discipline of HR and its constantly evolving landscape. It also requires extensive business knowledge and a deep understanding of internal business-client organizations, their operations, challenges and goals.

As an HR professional, investing the time to accumulate this knowledge and capability is critical for establishing strong relationships with other functional executives and managers, as you work along side of them to achieve business goals. Taking the initiative with this permits you to participate to the fullest extent as a business partner, helping shape overall business outcomes, while also developing the confidence and optimism necessary for sustained performance.

Nothing is simple or quick in the realm of HR because it deals with human nature and needs, business objectives and intricate organizational systems, all of which must work flawlessly together for the best outcomes. HR is however the glue that holds it all together, and when it is delivered based on knowledge, with optimism and patience – the right things happen. You can’t develop successful people, cultures or effective organizations without attention to these dynamics.

In our experience, exceptional HR leads in exceptional companies. Developing the highest level of HR effectiveness and excellence within yourself and your team does take time however, particularly when you also are tasked with responding to the day-to-day, real time needs of individuals and the HR demands of various organizations.

If you find yourself stretched in this way and need support, contact us. We’ve been connecting companies with HR talent and working to develop and enhance HR organizations in the Bay Area for more than 26 years.

We stay on top of our profession and are convinced exceptional HR leadership and talent can significantly and positively impact business outcomes. Let’s discover together how we can help you create those kinds of results where you are.

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